A pawn shop can be a valuable source of cash as well as a way to save money for many Americans in a struggling economy. Many people have never been to a pawn shop before, however, and don’t know what items are commonly bought and sold and what they’re worth. In general, you want to bring in quality items with all their accessories, paperwork, original boxes etc. that you happen to have. On this basic list are some of the more common items you can either get a pawn loan on, sell or purchase at a pawnshop.

1. Gold – The gold price is exceptionally high right now. With gold being in such high demand, it’s easy to find a gold buyer. It’s also a good time to get a loan on gold. Pawn shops will be willing to lend more since they know it’s a good investment.

2. Fine Jewelry – Gold, diamond jewelry, and other fine jewelry does well at a pawnshop. It’s a commodity that’s always in demand. With high gold prices, you’re going to get more if you’re selling or pawning your jewelry and you’re going to find better deals if you’re buying than you would at a retail jewelry store.

3. Watches – An authentic luxury watch, such as a Rolex or Cartier, that’s in condition will usually bring top dollar at a pawn shop. Remember, the condition of the watch is important. If it has any scratches or flaws or isn’t working, you will get less cash if you get any at all.

4. Electronics – If you’re looking for an electronics store, you can find great deals at a pawn shop. However, unlike jewelry, electronics lose value as they get older so you have to be careful when pawning your electronics. If you have something you want to pawn or sell, you will get the best prices for the most up-to-date and in demand items. Make sure to bring in manuals, remotes, cords and other accessories.

5. Musical Instruments – There’s no better place than a pawnshop to find affordable guitars and other low price musical instruments. If you’re a novice who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money but wants to learn to play, or a seasoned player looking to add to her collection you can always find quality instruments at a pawn shop.