Looking good not only helps you feel good but it can also make an impact on your personal and professional life. Research shows that when your wardrobe is up to date you give the impression of being more up to date and knowledgeable of current trends in your professional field as well. It can be hard in difficult financial times to stay current, however, being creative with what you have and where you shop can help stretch your dollar. Pawn shops, for example, may not come to mind when thinking about fashion, but you can get great deals on fine jewelry to amp up your style. The following tips can help you save a bundle and look your best.

Pawn Shops – As previously mentioned, pawn shops are the best places to find deals on fine jewelry. You can also sell gold pieces that are dated or broken to a pawn shop and use the cash to get more current accessories. Accessories can make an outfit so having the right piece is important. Many people don’t think of a pawn shop as a jewelry store, but a lot of pawn shops specialize in jewelry and even have certified gemologists on staff. Many pawn shops even do custom made pieces.

Thrift Stores – Smaller thrift stores and consignment stores are where you are likely to find the best and most up to date items. A consignment store’s items are selectively purchased by buyers who are aware of current trends. You will pay a bit more but you will do less digging and come out with better quality items.

Tailors – Every woman has a little black dress. They’re timeless, however, things like the cut or length may not be up to date. You can take items you already have in your closet, or items picked up secondhand to a tailor to have them fitted to you and modernized. Your clothes look best when they fit you properly and simply changing a hemline or neckline can make an old piece more modern.