Cash for Gold

Pawning or Selling Your Gold

With the high price of gold, now is the best time to turn all your unwanted gold jewelry into cash. Whether you want to sell your gold to us or simply use it to get a pawn loan, we’ll satisfy your cash for gold cravings and pay you top dollar. The best part about pawning your gold items is that you get the cash for gold you need, and you still get to keep the item.

The value of your gold can fluctuate daily, varying the amount of cash for gold you can receive. There are a few factors that we consider when appraising the value of your gold item:

  • The current market value of gold. This changes almost everyday.
  • The karat. Karat measures the purity of the gold, or rather, the amount of gold that your items contains versus other metals. For example, a 24 karat gold item is the purest and contains more gold than an item that is 14 karats.
  • The weight. We weigh your gold using government regulated and inspected scales. When every ounce counts, having an accurate scale is crucial. We use only the best.
  • The original value. Sometimes our customers have an item that is highly collectible, rare, or a vintage piece. In these cases, the item’s design, craftsmanship and collectible value is greater than the value of the gold alone. In such cases, we urge our customers not scrap the item but to sell it intact.