Pawning vs Selling

A common question from our customers is whether it’s better to pawn an item or sell it.

Here is our take on Pawning vs. Selling.

While we always pay top dollar no matter if you’re buying or selling, we believe that pawning an item has significant advantages over selling.

With a pawn loan, you get the money you need and you get to keep your item. Some items have significant sentimental value, others, like gold or diamonds, may increase in value over time. When pawning, you never have to worry about parting with your special item.

Another significant advantage is that you retain the value of the item that you already own. When you sell an item, you often get less than its original value, because resale and wholesale values tend to be much lower than the retail price of an item. With a pawn loan, you don’t have to sell your item for less than you paid.