Tate Law

Money Vault and Kohn’s Loan Company are subject to the Tate Law – Section 4727.06 of the Ohio Pawnbrokers Act, Section 4727.06: (A) No pawnbroker shall charge, receive, or demand interest for any loan in excess of six per cent per mo. or fraction of a mo. on the unpaid principal. Interest shall be computed on a monthly basis on the amount of the principal remaining unpaid on the first day of the mo. and shall not be compounded. (B) In addition to the rate of interest limitation imposed pursuant to division (A) of this section, the licensee may charge no more than: (1) Six dollars per mo. or fraction of a mo. for all pledged articles held as security or stored for a loan, to be agreed to in writing at the time the loan is made; (2) Four dollars plus the actual cost of shipping, when the licensee is to deliver or forward the pledged article by express or parcel post to the pledgor; (3) Five dollars for the cost of notifying a pledgor by mail that the pledged articles may be forfeited to the licensee pursuant to section 4727.11 of the Revised Code. (C) A licensee who complies with the requirements or procedures of this state pursuant to the application of the “Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act,” 107 Stat. 1536 (1993), 18 U.S.C.A. 922, as amended, may charge any fee the licensee is required by law to pay in order to comply with such requirements or procedures. The licensee may charge no more than ten dollars for providing services in compliance with such requirements or procedures. (D) A licensee may accept a portion of the outstanding principal loan balance at any time. A pledgor may redeem a pawn loan at any time after the pledge was made. A pledgor may not prepay interest or storage charges, other than the current mo., except when the pledgor redeems the pledged property. Prepayment of interest and storage charges may not occur at the time the loan is originated. You must have identification to pawn. All pledges will be held at least 120 days, longer if the finance charges are paid.