Some internet sites now allow you to send items to be appraised and put up for a loan online. But there are some major drawbacks to using pawn shops that operate only online. Here are some disadvantages of using an internet pawnshop over a local, brick-and-mortar shop:
There is no guarantee that items would be packed and shipped safely

Online pawn shops require patrons to send their items through the mail, which puts them at risk for damage or theft. Hand-carrying an item into a physical shop provides more safety and security for your item.

It takes longer to get a loan

Using an online pawn shop requires a significant amount of time between sending an item, having it appraised, and then waiting to receive news of whether you will get a loan or not. By contrast, you can receive a loan from a local, brick-and-mortar pawn shop in a very short time period, usually a matter of a few hours or an afternoon.

You do not get to meet the appraiser

When sending an item to an online pawn shop, you do not have the opportunity to meet the appraiser in person. Local pawnshops, however, cater to local clientele, and have established relationships with their customers. You also have a chance to meet the owner and establish a personal relationship over time.

You may face hidden charges

You could face hidden charges from an online shop, and the laws may vary depending on which state they are operating in. Moreover, because the shop is remote, it would be difficult to work out a fee discrepancy over the phone, or negotiate for a better offer. Getting a pawn loan from a local shop allows you to work with shop personnel face to face.

You will not be supporting the local economy
Transactions made at local businesses insert most of the money back into the local economy, but online transactions do nothing to bolster the local economy. Doing business locally will help drive economic growth in your region.
Decide to go local with pawn shops.