As the economy continues to struggle more and more people are discovering the benefits of a pawn shop to get them through tough times. If you have assets, then there is quick cash to be had at a pawn shop whether you want to sell or take out a pawn loan. Many novices to the pawn experience aren’t sure of the difference between selling and taking out a pawn loan, and are not sure what the right option is for them.

A pawn loan, or collateral loan, means you use an asset you have to borrow cash with the intention of paying back the cash plus interest and retrieving your collateral. The only risk to taking out a pawn loan is the possible loss of your asset. On the downside, you have to pay back the cash you get. On the plus side, you get to keep your asset and get cash with no risk to your credit. If your collateral is of sentimental value to you, pawning it means you can access its worth without losing your treasured belonging. Also, you aren’t going to get the full worth of your item when selling it. A pawn loan can get you the cash you need, and you retain your valuable collateral. This is especially important to consider if your asset is something that is likely to increase its value over time, such as gold or diamond jewelry.

Pawn shops also offer to simply buy your valuables. The benefit is you get quick cash free and clear. There is no pressure to pay anything back. Selling is an especially good option if you are trying to sell gold jewelry that is mismatched or broken. It may be of very little use to you, but a pawn shop will buy gold that’s in bad shape and resell it for scrap.

Whether you want to sell or take out a collateral loan, a pawn shop can provide you with the quick cash you need during difficult times.